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Rethink your workplace and
prepare for the great return.

Are you bringing teams back into an office? We have solutions for your space,  solutions to make your team comfortable, and cleaning and sanitizing solutions for your facility. Our experienced team can work with you on all areas of your facility and share the latest innovations, products and solutions.

Roadmap and Resources For
the Return to Work

Webinar Series: Prepping A Safe Workplace 

Webinar 1: The Employee

This timely a webinar covers the important things you need to know to safely bring workers back into the workplace. Our team shares essential research, CDC guidance, and information about the products and solutions available to help.

Webinar 2: The Office 

Learn about the future of office furniture. Join us as we review the ideas, products, and solutions available to adapt your office space for the new normal and help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Webinar 3:
The Air We Share 

Learn what experts say about the aerosol spread of viruses like COVID-19. Understand how it happens, what you can do to help mitigate it in your facilities, and how the AeraMax Professional air filter works,  in this educational and informative seminar. 

Webinar 4: Changes in Workplace Design Now and Post-COVID 

The COVID era has dramatically shifted how we think about the design of the workplace. What have we learned? How do we adapt? How does this influence workplace design now and for the future? We cover it all in this informational 30-minute webinar featuring Riz Walker, Office Environment Designer & Strategist, and Adam Simmons of The HON Company.

Webinar 5:
The Touchless Breakroom

As people come back to the office, the breakroom is an essential part of that collaborative, connected office experience. But new hygiene solutions are needed to keep people safe and help them feel comfortable. Learn about touchless and disposable solutions for breakroom in this free webinar.

Webinar 6: Products and Ideas to Meet Employee Hygiene Expectations as They Return to the Office 

Studies show employees desire ample amenities as they return to the office, and have heightened expectations about sanitation and hygiene. Learn about the products and solutions designed to help meet these expectations.

Organizing Your Space for Distancing

Our business interiors team is very experienced in office design and we can help you rethink your space, reconfigure floor plans, rework traffic patterns, and retrofit open workspaces with a myriad of new products and resources that are now available--including but not limited to these examples.

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Functional, Dual Purpose Dividers


Barriers that Maintain
Sight Lines


Guide Traffic Patterns

Prevention and Protection

Stock up on PPE and equip your space with the products, tools, and solutions you need.      We can help.


Masks, Gloves and more 




Air Filters 

Solutions for the Clean You Need

We have touchless solutions that keep the office healthier,  products to maintain clean spaces, and support to help you choose the right solutions for the right kind of clean.

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Cleaning Products 


Touchless Solutions

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Sanitation & Disinfection