Commonwealth Joe Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Service

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Bring high-quality Commonwealth Joe Nitro Cold Brew Coffee onsite at your workplace! 

Commonwealth Joe’s Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is brewed cold, steeped for 24 hours, then chilled to create a naturally creamy, sweet, and smooth taste. Commonwealth Joe’s coffee is ready to drink right out of the tap, keeping your office fueled all day long. 

The Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Take a "cooler" approach to coffee in your office. Nitro infused cold brew coffee is brewed cold. 

  • The coffee is steeped for 24 hours and then chilled 
  • It has zero calories
  • Only 3 ingredients - coffee, water, nitrogen
  • It is kept cold in a keg

The Service

Commonwealth Joe has been roasting premium specialty coffee for over 14 years and providing in-office Nitro Cold Brew for over 3 years. 

  • Responsive team dedicated to customers 
  • Regular cleans and service provided 
  • Makes reordering seamless and simple

The Benefits

Fuel your employees with great tasting coffee just steps away from their desks. Here are a few ways nitro cold brew coffee can benefit you:

  • Bring your onsite office experience to life. Delight your employees and show them you care with a delicious new office perk.
  • Amplify company productivity. Nitro Cold Brew coffee on tap in your office will save your employees valuable time lost to coffee runs.
  • Enhance employee engagement. According to Gallup, 71% of millennials are disengaged while at work. Keep your employees happy and refreshed by offering Commonwealth Joe’s best-in-class Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.
  • Retain and attract top talent. Reduce churn and retain top talent with high-quality office perks like Commonwealth Joe Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

Customer Experience

“Commonwealth Joe Nitro Cold Brew has had a strong impact on our office culture by increasing productivity and improving everyone’s mood."

Matt, General Manager, DC of UrbanStems

" The team at Millers has renewed my faith in great customer service. They have transformed our coffee service while saving us money, lowering waste and environmental impact, and making for one happy office. "   

- Christine N.



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