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Be sure you have the right products for the right spaces.

Not all cleaning and disinfecting products work the same way. Our team can help you choose the right products for the right use.  

  • Got plexiglass barriers? You don't want to permanently fog them. We will show you what to use.
  • Sanitizing or disinfecting surfaces in the breakroom? Our team will show you products that are safe for surfaces where food is consumed. 
  • Could touchless hand care, towels, and other products improve your sanitation? We can highlight opportunities for touchless solutions.
  • Are you using the right products in your restroom? We can guide your choices.  

How It Works:

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  2. Your Miller's Account Manager will contact you to schedule a session in your facility. 
  3. We will follow up with product recommendations for cleaners, sanitizers, disinfectants, and touchless solutions to meet the specific needs of your team and facility. 

Thank you! 

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