It’s Time to Go Touchless 

The new reality is here, and hygiene in the office has a front-row seat. While meeting new expectations around hygiene might be challenging, Miller’s offers solutions and choices that help you do it safely and wisely. We're here to help you stay focused on the health of your business, your team, and those you serve.

Improve Hygiene, Reduce Waste and Simplify Maintenance

Miller’s now offers GP Pro Touchless Dispenser Solutions for the breakroom. These products are designed to improve hygiene while reducing waste.

Eliminate Germ Transmission 
A touchless, wave-of-the-hand system means you only touch the towel or cutlery set you use. This reduces the spread of germs in the breakroom.

Reduce Waste 
Touchless Towel Dispensers: Unlike folded towels, customers can’t grab stacks of dispensed towels, so they’re less likely to end up all over the floor.  

Touchless Cutlery Dispensers: Wrapped only at the critical end, the cutlery uses 60% less wrap than the fully-wrapped variety, reducing waste and cross-contamination.


 Better Hygiene, More Satisfaction

Maintaining a clean and well-stocked restroom and breakroom can help improve the employee experience. Explore how GP Pro touchless towel and cutlery dispensers work. 

Touchless Towel Dispenserss

Touchless Cutlery


GP Pro Pacific Blue Ultra™ 9" Mini Automated Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

Designed to fit in small spaces, this automated paper towel dispenser features motion activation and touch-free, one-at-a-time enclosed dispensing so you only touch the paper towel you use. That helps to cut down on germ transmission and reduce waste. This commercial paper towel dispenser is ideal for use in office breakrooms and restrooms. Pacific Blue Ultra™ wall-mounted paper towel dispensers are built to handle heavy usage and are backed by a 5-year warranty.


ITEM ID: 54518



Dixie Ultra® Smartstock® Series-w Wrapped Cutlery Dispenser by GP Pro

This modular plastic utensil dispenser helps reduce cost, improve food safety, and increase efficiency. Wrapped only at the critical end, the cutlery uses 60% less wrap than the fully-wrapped variety, reducing waste and cross-contamination. You can also upgrade with a custom Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® dispenser skin to showcase your brand message.


GP Pro Dixie Ultra® Smartstock® Tri-tower Cutlery Dispenser, Series-t 

The new Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® is a fully enclosed, touchless dispenser. The high capacity dispensers holds up to 390 utensils, and its one-at-a-time, automatic dispensing ensures the user only touches the cutlery they choose. The innovation solution can improve hygiene and reduce waste, all while leaving your counter space looking clean and organized. Upgrade your image with a custom dispenser skin that showcases your brand message.


ITEM ID: 54518


ITEM ID: 59498A

enMotion® Impulse® 8” 1-roll Automated Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser by GP Pro (Georgia Pacific)

The enMotion® Impulse® 8” 1-Roll Automated Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser enhances your facilities with hands-free, whisper-quiet, jam-free dispensing in a smaller profile--ideal for areas with space constraints. One set of batteries dispenses for 4 years on average, reducing the need for maintenance. Hygienic, reliable, and efficient, this automatic paper towel dispenser is ideal for breakrooms. Shown here in black, this convenient automatic towel dispenser is also available in white (59437A) and gray (59497A) to coordinate with any décor.


Pacific Blue Ultra™ Automated Touchless Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser

New from GP PRO comes the Pacific Blue Ultra™ automated soap and sanitizer dispenser. Attractive and affordable to own, this automated dispenser combines the efficiency you expect from GP PRO with the durability you need for day-to-day performance. Pair with other Pacific Blue Ultra™ dispensers for a coordinated, hygienic and efficient solution.


ITEM ID: 53590


ITEM ID: 54527A

Dixie Ultra® Tabletop Interfold Napkin Dispenser by GP Pro (Georgia-Pacific) holds Up To 275 Napkins

This sleek Dixie Ultra® Tabletop Interfold Napkin Dispenser reduces napkin waste by 29%*, and it features a latch system that makes loading Dixie Ultra® Interfold 2-Ply Napkins as easy as lifting a finger. Use the customizable ad windows to brand the tabletop napkin dispenser with your logo or marketing messages. This black napkin dispenser is also available in stainless (54528A) and white (54529A).

*When switching from a full fold napkin to a Dixie Ultra® 2-ply interfold napkin and dispensing system.

Let Miller's Evolve Your Shared Spaces 

As more people come back into the office, shared spaces and work facilities must evolve. Employers will need to invest in enhancements and amenities which improve overall employee well-being and work experience. The breakrooms and restrooms are essential parts of that experience. At Miller’s, we can help you rethink simple things to enhance your hygiene, support employee comfort, and simplify sanitation and maintenance.

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The pandemic has hit different businesses in different ways, and we’re here to help.  GP Pro (Georgia Pacific) studies the trends and the data to help you think about your prep in the months ahead. Check Industry Top Lines trends and research.

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