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Miller's Company History & Owners

Patricia (Pat) Miller

Patricia Miller

Founder, President and Majority Owner

Patricia Miller came to Washington, D.C. from Kingsport, Tennessee in 1969, planning on becoming a cosmetologist. To support herself while in cosmetology school, Pat took a part-time job at Rosslyn Office Supply in Arlington, Virginia - and that turned out to be a life-altering decision. Never a quitter, Pat finished school, but knew her real career was going to be in retail sales. After a year, she became manager of the newly opened second branch of Rosslyn Office Supply in Springfield, Virginia. And just a year later, in 1971, with the aid of a secured bank loan co-signed by a bank officer who believed in her and the way she treated customers, she bought that store outright!

By 1979 Pat owned four retail stores, and life for this entrepreneuring businesswoman was good. Then came the 1980s invasion of the "Big Box" stores such as Staples and Office Depot - and retail customers deserted the smaller, local office product businesses in droves. To survive, Pat had to completely rethink her business operation, and grow a dedicated business-to-business sales force, customer service department and delivery team who could give customers the same personalized service that had built her business in the past.

Today, Pat owns and operates the second-largest independent, and the largest woman-owned, office products dealership in the Washington-Baltimore metro area. Having begun with a single 1,200-square-foot store, she has turned Miller's into a company that recently built and operates a 65,000-square-foot distribution facility in Lorton, operates a sizeable fleet of trucks and vans, has more than 130 dedicated employees and will, this year, provide more than $40 million in office products, supplies and services to more than 3,000 commercial, nonprofit and government customers.

Pat credits her success to her customers, who appreciate Miller's great service and competitive prices, and to choosing the right people for her company - judging those people on their ethics and rewarding them solely on how they perform.

Wayne Stillwagon

Wayne  Stillwagon

Minority Owner and Executive Vice President

Wayne grew up in Springfield, Virginia and went to work for Pat Miller part-time in 1976. His entrepreneurship showed up when he was only eight and started mowing lawns. He turned that into a real business by the time he was 15. At Miller's he worked his way up from store clerk, to store manager, to operations manager, and became an owner in 1994. He is a leader in the independent office dealer world where he serves on the board of the largest buying group in the industry. Wayne also works with trade associations, manufacturers and distributors, and computer system providers to keep Miller's in the forefront of legislative, product and technology initiatives.

Today Wayne is responsible for coordinating sales, operations, finance and marketing. Recently he took the lead in coordinating the design and building of Miller's new 65,000-square-foot distribution center. Additionally, he has built Miller's strong staff. Through training programs, team-building events and dedication to Miller's Mission, Vision, and Values, he ensures the high retention necessary to provide exceptional service.