Environmentalism at Work

Miller’s helps to protect the environment and create a sustainable facility. See where our commitments have made an impact since 2006.


When our modern facility was completed in 2006, we donated eight of the eleven acres to Fairfax County as permanently protected wetlands.

What’s more, we:

  • Support and facilitate a program that urges carpooling by employees whenever possible.
  • Promote careful regulation of internal temperature and water heater settings.
  • Turning off lights when they are not needed, using motion detectors and we have installed skylights throughout the facility.


To achieve fuel economy, Miller’s uses low-emission diesel engines in all delivery trucks.

We also:

  • Follow delivery procedures and use route optimization software designed to maximize distribution while reducing overall fuel consumption.
  • Support programs designed to encourage our customers to combine orders, reducing the number of deliveries.
  • Use recycled and biodegradable packaging materials whenever possible.


Miller’s takes the hassle out of recycling. Our drivers pick up all empty toner and inkjet cartridges and corrugated cardboard from customers, without a return authorization, for recycling. 

Our numbers add up. Last year, we recycled:

  • 85,000-lbs of cardboard
  • 8,000-lbs of paper
  • 11,500-lbs of plastic
  • 46,000-lbs of catalogs
  • 12,819 cartridges

Product Offerings

It’s easy to shop green. The Miller's catalog shows which products contain recycled material and which contain at least 30% post-consumer recycled content. We also offer 92 GE brightness, white, acid-free paper for copiers and printers that is made from 100% recycled, post-consumer content. Our offerings include more than 3,600 products made from recycled materials, and more than 1,000 environmentally friendly products such as non-toxic cleaning supplies, organic and fair trade coffees, and biodegradable dinnerware.