Miller's Supplies at Work - Vision Statement

We are the company of choice recognized by our employees for our core values and opportunities for personal and professional growth. We are the preeminent independent supplier of choice recognized by our customers as the best in total satisfaction and value.

Miller’s Supplies at Work - Mission Statement

For Our Business
To provide a diverse selection of products to office environments on a business-to-business basis.

For Our Internal and External Customers
To make each aspect of every transaction a positive and satisfying experience.

For Our Vendors
To treat vendors fairly and equitably. To pursue relationships to achieve common goals.

For Our Finances
To maintain sound and sustained profitability to ensure our security as individuals and as a company.

To use this profitability for growth and advancement for all.

To enjoy the pride that comes from being part of such an exceptional business organization.

For Our Employees
To provide an interactive environment where people excel based on shared values, open communication and shared learning.

To provide stable employment.

To provide opportunities for personal and professional growth and development. To recognize and reward achievement and performance.

To provide a workplace where employees enjoy coming to work.

To enjoy the pride that comes from being a part of Miller's.

Miller’s Supplies at Work - Values Pyramid

Building on a base of beliefs:

We believe in Teamwork

  • Cooperating - With others
  • Supporting all departments - Willingly working for the same ends and organizational cohesiveness
  • Providing opportunities for participation
  • Achieving team success
  • Taking time to get involved
  • Participating in cross-department orientation

We believe in Fun

  • Lots of friendly smiles and laughter
  • Managing stress
  • Respecting each other

We believe in Fairness

  • Consistency
  • Equality of treatment
  • Equal opportunity
  • Recognition based on contributions
  • Decisions made in the best interests of the whole company

We believe in Openness

  • Trusting - Believing in and relying on each other
  • Communicating - Candidly and in a straightforward manner
  • Sharing information - Willingly
  • Discussing uncomfortable topics - Willingly
  • Listening - To understand
  • Encouraging - With empathy and sympathy
  • Being part of the solution - Making suggestions

We believe in Honesty and Integrity

  • Be honest with yourself, our customers and the company - With time, money and materials
  • Give complete and accurate information
  • Honor commitments
  • Sell appropriately - To meet customer needs