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If it's time for you to change companies, we want you to know...

Why New Salespeople Choose Miller's

  • Compensation. As part of the Miller's team, we're committed to helping you become a top sales professional in the industry. We start you out with a salary and bonuses.  When you sell more, you make more.  The best part…there is no cap on what you can earn. 
  • Training. We will teach you how to be successful. Learn the sales skills you will use the rest of your career in the classroom, on the job, and through one-on-one coaching. And teach you how to make colds calls both fun and profitable.
  • Collaboration. Have fun working with a dynamic team of salespeople who are happy to help.
  • Support and Perks. Miller's is behind you 100%. We want you to win and we give you what you need to do it. Entertaining customers?  Expense it.  Paid for parking? We'll reimburse you. Not to mention, you will have flexible hours and the ability to telecommute on your company provided laptop and Blackberry. 
  • Access. Work directly with the top management at Miller's. We want to hear what you have to say. We make sure we treat you and your customers right.
  • Ownership. We want people to buy from you so at Miller's we put you in charge. You are in control of your accounts and territory. You manage your business as if it were your own. You decide the limits of your own success.

Why Experienced Salespeople Choose Miller's

  • Stability. The same owner since 1971. The same co-owner since 1994.
  • Compensation. Our top producers all earn six-figure incomes. No cap on commissions. Guarantees to help you get started.
  • A recurring revenue stream. You get paid on what your customers order as long as you and they are with Miller's.
  • Experienced sales management. Quickly cut through the issues to win and retain customers.
  • Operations meets your commitments. What you promise - purchasing, warehousing, delivery and accounting make happen.
  • Expert support. Interior designers help you sell furniture. A promotional products pro handles your ad specialties business. Coffee and beverage experts service your customers.
  • Warehousing. To let you maintain competitive costs and margins Miller's buys paper products by the truckload, hundreds of products by the skid and thousands of products by the case.
  • Training. Ongoing training on furniture, technology products, coffee and new product introductions.
  • Access to owners and other decisionmakers. Owners and senior managers are onsite every business day.
  • Federal government contracts. The GSA schedules are already in place for you to sell to the many government customers who spend millions on office products.
  • Ongoing investments. In facilities. In technology. In marketing. In people.

All the account representatives below are members of Miller's Million Dollar Club.

Don Brown

Dan Brown

I came to Miller's in 1995 with experience selling telecommunications services and equipment for two different companies. This allowed me to understand how important it was to differentiate myself with service in a commodities business. Miller's has given me the marketing tools to help me compete for new customers and the operations support to help me keep them. I put in a 55 hour week and the rewards have been in line with my efforts. Miller's is a great place to earn a six-figure income.

Jeff Mulvihill

Jeff Mulvihill

I started in the industry in 1988 and have experienced ownership changes, buy-outs and even a bankruptcy. I saw Miller's had made the investment in both supplies and coffee and beverage that allowed me to take care of my loyal customers. Plus their new facility showed me that their investments would be ongoing. As I pursue new business, I also like being able to leverage being a local, independent, small, woman-owned business. I believe working for an independent is the only way I can maximize what I earn.

To learn more about whether Miller's is right for you, please feel free to call any of us at 703-644-2200.

Wayne Stillwagon Co-owner extension 1119
Craig Church Vice President of Sales extension 2223
Pablo Solares Human Resources Director extension 5560