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Lower Total Cost

Analysis with Miller's Account Representative

Total Cost Management (TCM) is the discipline of evaluating all costs associated with your procurement process including, buying and maintaining supplies, services and equipment. In the purchase of office products the actual item price is less than half of the total cost you incur. You also incur costs for the time and expense of ordering, receiving, storing, distributing, paying and expensing that item.


Total Cost Management allows you to lower your costs by:

  • Total Cost ManagementUnderstanding all the costs that go into buying office products, business supplies and related services.
  • Determining which and how much of those costs you can eliminate.
  • Understanding that the price of an item is only one part of the cost, and often not even the largest part, of obtaining that item.

For an analysis of your Total Costs, please speak with your Miller's Account Representative. New accounts looking for an analysis of their procurement process, please contact us.