Office Supplies in Montgomery County

Need office supplies? Look to Miller's Supplies at Work for assistance. We have been helping businesses with the delivery of office supplies and much more since 1971. With a simple online ordering process, your office manager will save hours that he/she used to spend writing down lengthy product numbers. Instead, use our handheld barcode scanner to scan the barcodes of items that you need to reorder. Plug this scanner into your computer, and your scanned items will be automatically uploaded into your online shopping cart.


Learn more about the supplies and services the Montgomery County office supply company can offer your company.


Office Furniture 

We can furnish your office with desks and ergonomic office chairs. Miller's has desks and chairs in hundreds of styles, fabrics, and finishes. Many items are in-stock and available for quick delivery.

Office Supplies 

Miller's Supplies at Work has 50,000 items from leading manufacturers, as well as hundreds of the most popular items from Miller's private-label suppliers. Request a print catalog from us today or begin perusing the catalog online. See why it's so simple to purchase office supplies ranging from calculators to notepads.

Imaging Supplies in Montgomery County

The Montgomery County office supply company has 8,000 items in-stock in imaging supplies alone. From inkjet printer supplies to laser toners, we have printer supplies for all types of makes and models of printers.

Coffee and Beverage Services

Receive a free three-day coffee trial before you actually buy your coffee. With name brands, such as Maxwell House, Starbucks, and Folgers available, as well as Miller's private roast, there is a coffee for taste buds of all kinds.

Janitorial Services

If you use it in your restrooms, breakrooms or offices, chances are that Miller’s stocks it in our warehouses. Montgomery County businesses have been making Miller’s their single source provider for paper, hand soap, and cleaning supplies for more than four decades. 


Promotional Products

Place your company's logo on any one of our promotional products, such as a mug. Choose from over 600,000 products to personalize with your company's logo. Delivery times range from three days to three weeks, depending upon the products ordered.


Contact the office supply company in Montgomery County today to purchase office supplies at an affordable price. We look forward to making reordering supplies less of a chore. Contact us today.