Office Supplies in Albemarle County

Since 1971, Miller’s Supplies at Work has served the businesses of Albemarle County with options for ordering office supplies. Along with over 800,000 office products, we can provide space planning services for your company and can help you outfit your office with furniture that meets your needs and décor. If you are a business in Albemarle County, make sure to take advantage of our free local delivery.


If your office is in the Albemarle County area, contact Miller's Supplies at Work for any of the following services and/or supplies:


Office Supplies

Reordering office supplies is simple with the wireless handheld barcode scanner. Miller's also has the option to reorder your supplies via phone. Choose the process that suits you best.

Office Furniture

Miller's can help your company make your interior more inviting for your clients. Come into one of our showrooms in the Washington D.C. metro area, and find the best style and price point for your office furniture needs.


Imaging Supplies

We carry the toners, cartridges, ribbons, and drums to fit the most popular printers. Not only do we carry OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) but we also have value-priced products to meet the needs of companies with smaller budgets.

Coffee and Beverage

Whether you want coffee or if you are more of a juice person, Miller's Coffee and Beverage Service has a wide variety of products. Our delivery service saves you time, travel, and storage space.

Janitorial Supplies

Make sure your office has the janitorial supplies to maintain breakrooms, bathrooms, and other areas of your office. Miller's has a complete catalog of facility maintenance supplies.

Promotional Products

You can promote your business with just about any type of promotional product you can imagine, from business apparel to mugs, mousepads, and custom calendars. Your Albemarle County office supply company can work with you to design custom creations.


When you are ready to order supplies, pick up the phone and call Miller's. You can also simply scan the products your office needs with the handheld barcode scanner. For more information regarding the reordering process, contact a friendly representative at Miller's Supplies at Work today.