Office Supplies in Augusta County

Running a business or non-profit organization in Augusta County is challenging enough without having to worry about running out of critical office supplies or being overcharged for low-quality office furniture. Don’t make your job harder than it should be—work with Miller’s Supplies at Work and get specialized assistance from a team with decades of experience in anything and everything business-related, from office furniture and janitorial supplies to coffee and beverage service. With over 800,000 items in stock and a team of professional office specialists, Miller’s will keep your office well stocked and your employees happy.


Learn how we can streamline your office and upgrade its professionalism and comfort with our wide-ranging services in Augusta County:


Office Supplies

From paperclips and folders to staplers and specialized equipment, your office runs on office supplies. At Miller’s, we offer over 50,000 different kinds of supplies in August County, and our next-day delivery services and hassle-free ordering make stocking your office a breeze.

Office Furniture

Your employees work hard to contribute to the success of your business—don’t they deserve the best of the best in office furniture? Miller’s Supplies at Work can make your entire team comfortable with our selection of ergonomic chairs and stylish desks. Our chair demo program even lets you test out chairs until you find the perfect one.


Imaging Supplies

Is there anything worse than struggling with a printer that’s running out of ink and toner? Don’t just hope the toner will last—be ready by stocking up with Miller’s! With nearly a thousand brand names and types of imaging products, you’ll never be far from a perfectly functioning printer or copier.

Coffee and Beverage

If your office runs on office supplies, your employees run on coffee! Keeping your breakroom well stocked ensures a comfortable gathering place and quick pick-me-up for your entire team. Choose from over 200 types of coffee, juice, tea, milk, and more for a coffee and beverage service customized to your space.

Janitorial Supplies

Though many companies out there advertise their eco-friendly cleaning supplies, few have the support and network of Miller’s. In partnership with ISSA and Rubbermaid, we’re proud to be the premier janitorial supplier in Augusta County. From kitchen cleaning supplies to chemicals and waste bins, we have everything you need for an office that’s clean and healthy.

Promotional Products

Getting exposure for your company is as simple as placing an order of customized promotional products from Miller’s. Reward your employees with high-end apparel or give customers pens, keyrings, and t-shirts to keep them thinking about your brand. Plus, we offer guaranteed delivery within five working days!


For affordable and quickly delivered Augusta County office supplies, look no further than Miller’s Supplies at Work! Our same- and next-day deliveries ensure you get what you need when you need it. To learn more about our expertise, contact us today.