Office Supplies in Prince George's County

When you are searching for an office supply company that has thousands of valuable product offerings, look to Miller's Supplies at Work. With more than 50,000 office supplies available, you will be able to outfit your office with everything from copy paper to binder clips. Did someone forget to tell you that there are no more legal pads in the supply closet? No worries, 25,000 different items are available for next-day delivery.


Here's a list of the many services and supplies we can offer to businesses in Prince George's County:


Office Supplies

Miller's Supplies at Work can meet many of your office supply needs. We carry a huge selection at competitive prices. You can find diverse supplies, ranging from drawing and drafting supplies to report covers.

Office Furniture

Stop into one of Miller's showrooms to make your selections in person. Hundreds of desks, office chairs, file cabinets, and tables are available for next business-day delivery. We have over 5,000 office furniture items available for delivery within 5-7 business days.


Imaging Supplies

We have over 8,000 imaging supplies in-stock. Miller's Supplies at Work makes it easy for you to find your printer supply needs by searching by brand name, model number, cartridge number or simply by using keywords in our search box.

Coffee and Beverage

From juice to coffee, we can deliver it to you when your breakroom cravings run out. There is nothing worse than working with zombies, which is why we have a large selection of caffeinated beverages, as well as non-caffeinated beverages for those that are naturally wired.

Janitorial Supplies

As your go-to janitorial supplier in Prince George's County, Miller’s offers everything you need to keep your office sparkling clean and professionally presented—from restroom supplies and waste receptacles to safety products and chemicals. Our partnership with ISSA and Rubbermaid guarantees the highest-quality eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

Promotional Products

Get your message out there in front of potential customers by creating customized promotional products. Miller's Supplies at Work can put your logo or message on a variety of products, from mugs to mousepads. We can also screen print or embroider on shirts, jackets, hats, and towels. 


We want to help your company simplify the reordering process, as well as to help you attain more value for your money. Contact us today and we'll point you in the right direction.