Office Supplies in Takoma Park

With a wide offering of office supplies and services like coffee delivery, Miller’s Supplies at Work has everything needed to create a productive work environment in Takoma Park. Featuring over 800,000 business products, we have the goods that will equip your staff to meet goals.

As top-notch Takoma Park office suppliers, we try to make ordering as easy as possible. We understand that running a business is time consuming, so we offer next-day delivery options if you need supplies in a pinch. Read on to learn more about the items and services we provide. 


Office Furniture

With a multiple of ergonomic furniture options, our Takoma Park office supplier has high-quality products that will increase the comfort of your staff. Spending 40 hours every week in an uncomfortable chair can be detrimental to mind and body, resulting in a dip in productivity. Make sure your employees are happy and comfortable so they can work efficiently.

Coffee and Beverage

To keep your staff satisfied and your breakroom stocked, we’ll deliver coffee and a long list of other beverages. Whatever you need--whether it’s soda, juice, milk or specific snacks--we likely carry it and can deliver it directly to you!

Janitorial Supplies

To keep your working space squeaky clean at all times, we offer a long list of cleaning supplies. From restroom items like soap and hand towels to surface disinfectants and window cleaners, our Takoma Park office supplies store has what you need to keep your office germ free and immaculate.

Promotional Products

Looking for an easy way to spread your brand’s message? How about adding your name and logo to some mugs, pens and shirts? With print-screening and embroidery services, Miller’s can create custom, branded items for you to hand out at trade shows or job fairs.


With free local delivery and top-tier products, you can’t beat our Takoma Park office supplies store. To learn more, contact Miller’s Supplies at Work.