10 Tips to Help Create Collaboration For Your Team

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How do you organize collaboration in your office? It’s truly an art and a science. However, collaboration can truly determine if the team is successful or not. Some teams are turning to post it notes to increase productivity, help shape their projects and encourage engagement. Here are some innovative ways to help your team collaborate.

tips to create collaboration on your team

1. Kick off your team project by sharing ideas. Consider laying out a project timeline and set of expectations on sticky notes to help prioritize the to-do’s among the team. Learn more tips for successful project kickoffs here.

2. Keep ideas alive after brainstorming sessions. Identify an idea to explore with a pros and cons assessment or a SWOT analysis. Discover more here.

3. Perform a Gap Analysis to identify opportunities by assessing current processes versus potential processes. You can explore short and long term opportunities with this productivity tip. See more here.


Project Management
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4. Complex projects can have difficult timelines. Explore using color-coded post it notes to turn large projects into consumable bite size steps. Learn more here.

5. After you put a project timeline together, sometimes curveballs come out of nowhere. Use post it’s to stay flexible and easily adapt to changes that impact your project plan. Explore here.

6. Use the Kanban System. Post-its can help you and your team visualize and categorize what is needed, in process, or done. Learn more here.


Meeting Collaboration
Meeting collaboration

7. If this does not spark ideas...not sure what will. Swap points of view! Think outside of your box and view ideas from another person’s perspective. Start exploring views with these tips here.

8. Get everyone involved. It’s easy for some to stay quiet in meetings. The nominal group technique get’s ideas flowing. Maximize everyone’s involvement by using a timed method that encourages input. See ways everyone can share their ideas here.

9. The question “why?” can effectively impact your meeting outcome. Help your team explore solutions to problems by using the five whys method. Encourage curiosity to cure problems here.

10. Would you want to know if your team had a revolutionary idea? You can visualize ideas and determine items needed for implementing it using a Ways to Grow Framework. Analyze how ideas may or may not work with more tips here.

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