3 Tips That Will Help You Clear Out Your Inbox after a Vacation

by Miller's Supplies At Work

3 Tips That Will Help You Clear Out Your Inbox after a Vacation

It is vital to your mental health that you unplug from work and spend some time on vacation. As wonderful as that feeling is while you're away from the office, when you return to see the state of your inbox, you may regret ever taking your vacation in the first place.

Don't let your email keep you from enjoying time away! Here are three quick tips from a Waynesboro office supply company that will help you clear out your inbox after you get back from a relaxing vacation.

Delete What You Can Before You Open Any Emails

The longer you're gone, the more emails you'll amass. If you're like most of us, at least a portion of those emails are spam, irrelevant, or require no response.

Give yourself a boost of encouragement by going through all those emails and deleting the ones you can before you really dig in. You'll feel much more motivated to go through a couple dozen emails instead of 100.

Organize Emails into Folders

Some of the emails that you receive will likely require your immediate attention. Others won't. If you want to get through your inbox without going crazy, it's a good idea to organize your emails into different folders.

Create a folder for emails that need to be answered within the next 24 to 48 hours. Create another folder for emails that won't require your attention until later in the week. This will help you focus in on the messages that are most important.

Assign Yourself Extra Time for Emails When You Get Back into the Office

Don't expect a normal Monday morning if you've been gone for a week. Going through your emails is going to take a lot longer than usual, so plan for it.

If you spend 30 minutes every morning going through emails, stretch that time out to a full hour. Take a shorter lunch so you can spend an extra 15 minutes combing through emails. Create a schedule that works for you, but make sure you create one.

Miller's office supplies services Waynesboro and can make the time you spend at your desk much more enjoyable, even if it means you're stuck checking endless emails. From coffee machines to office furniture, we have it all! Contact us today to learn more about all of our office supply options!

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