4 Tips for Handling the Busy Summer Schedule

by Miller's Supplies At Work

Miller's Supplies At Work

When it comes to keeping up with productivity in the hustle and bustle of summer, the mere idea of your to-do list can be overwhelming. Between trips, sporting events, and the kid’s activities, you may feel your head spinning a bit. This overload could affect your productivity levels at work as well.

With so much running through your head, you need to be completely organized to minimize stress and maximize efficiency. As an office supply company in Washington D.C., we know how hectic this time of year is and we have a few solutions to help you organize your thoughts, schedule, and to-do lists:

  • Keep a Calendar- Whether it’s on your phone or a handy planner, having easy access to your main source of scheduling activities will allow you to be in charge of the day.
  • Write It Down- When we have crazy days with a lot on our minds, we keep multiple to-do lists to help us focus on the task at hand. If you find yourself thinking about everything you need to do at home (errands, kid’s schedule, etc.), take the time to make a to-do list. This will help you visualize what needs to happen and will give your mind ease that you won’t forget.
  • It’s Okay to Say No- Many people feel that their busy schedule is too much to deal with. If that’s you, maybe say no to that extra event or put off that random errand.
  • Take a Breath- Be sure to give yourself a little you time. Maybe you wake up thirty minutes early for a run or you go to yoga or coffee with your friends. Whatever helps you relax and recharge. If you’re not taken care of, that endless list of to-dos will likely stay endless.

There are a lot of other ways to maximize efficiency. These are just a few ways you can stay on top of your responsibilities. For more tips and all of the office supplies you may need to get you organized, contact the professionals at Miller’s at Work! Our dedicated sales team will find you all of the materials and tools you need to make your summer productive, organized and streamline.

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