5 Easy Tips for Your Most Organized Office Ever

by Miller's Supplies At Work

Is your office stacked high with papers and unopened mail? Perhaps your email inbox is cluttered and your bulletin board is a living nightmare you’d rather forget? If you keep delaying, the condition of your office will only get worse. But don’t worry – your workspace doesn’t have to be pristine by tomorrow! Following these quick, low-hassle tips daily will transform your office in no time. At Miller’s Office Products, your productivity is our top concern. Five organizational tips we’ve found to be essential include:

  • Manage Your Inbox

We know how that flood of emails everyday can be overwhelming! But simply taking ten minutes once a day to sift through your inbox and discard old emails can make your life a lot easier!

  • Toss It

If there’s something unnecessary in your office, such as broken furniture, take the time to throw it out. Even if this process is gradual, you’ll see results soon and free up lots of space!

  • Take It Home

Do you have ten coffee mugs lined up on your desk right now? You’re not alone! If you have unnecessary items from home cluttering your workspace, take a few back each evening.

  • Label It!

If you haven’t labeled all of your files thoroughly, how do you expect to find them when you need them right away? Start slow, one pile at a time, and your records will be organized before you know it!

  • Be Decisive!

There’s nothing more intimidating than a huge stack of unsorted mail! As soon as you get your mail, weed out the junk, act on bills and other essentials, and file in an organized manner.

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