5 Fun Autumn Activities for Your Office Team

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If you’re starting to notice a lack of interest and motivation in the office, then it may be time for fun activities for your team. They are a great way to strengthen the bond between employees and reduce workplace stress. In addition, they are also fun. As Autumn takes the spotlight maintaining focus during the last few months of the year may be tough. Team activities may help keep your team cohesive and focused through end of year distractions. Here are a few team activities to embrace Autumn and engage your team.
1) Yummy Pumpkin Cook-Off

Yummy pumpkin cook off fall team activitiesPumpkin season is here. A cook-off is an activity that results in a lot of food to share. Put your team into small groups and have each team create a different pumpkin themed dish. You can also have an office thanksgiving potluck.


2) Scary Movie Marathon… Boo!

scary movie marathon fall team activitiesHalloween is approaching and it can be fun to have a scary movie marathon. Take a poll to find out favorite scary movies and showcase one each week in October. Teams from different departments can coordinate snacks such as candy corn, popcorn, spooky cupcakes and more. Play movies weekly in the breakroom or choose a conference room and invite staff to watch over lunch.


3) Volunteer in Your Community

volunteer fall team activitiesYou can foster interpersonal relationships by asking your team to volunteer in the community together. Consider visiting communities and rake leaves for those who may not be capable. Or contact a local shelter or retirement home and volunteer to bring home baked seasonal themed pies that your team makes.


 4) Brain Teaser Trivia Challenge

brain teaser trivia challenge fall team activitiesOffice trivia is also a fun activity that involves employees testing their knowledge in areas that don’t relate to their job. Employees can create small teams and the team that scores the most points wins a prize. Organize trivia questions into categories and give each category four or five questions.


5) Tour a Pumpkin Farm or Corn Maze

corn maze fall team activitiesTake your team to a pumpkin farm or corn maze and engage in various activities. Pick a nice day. Then explore the festivities of orange pumpkin patches, take a hayride and sip apple cider. Your local pumpkin farm or corn maze will be fun for your entire team away from the office.

Autumn also brings cooler weather and a higher chance of sick days. Explore ways to keep your team healthy as the season welcomes sniffles and unwanted germs.

Explore Cold and Flu Prevention Tips


“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” – Babe Ruth, Legendary baseball player

Which activity sounds fun for your team? Please share in the comments below.


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