5 Resourceful Tips To Prevent Slips This Winter

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The average snowflake floats down at 3.1 mph. That’s pretty slow. While snow is beautiful when it falls once it settles it can become hazardous. On average over 136,000 injuries, occur in the United States from icy roads. Here are a few tips to help staff and visitors avoid slips and falls this winter.

1. Stay Aware of Snowy Weather
stay aware of the snowStay up to date with your local weather forecast on a regular basis. Prepare to have ice melt ready at your location(s) before winter weather hits. Ice melt can help keep your walkways safe after snow, sleet or a wintry mix. See how to interpret and define winter weather warning signs and plan appropriately.

2. Have A Written Snow Plan 
Have a Written Snow Plan

Make sure your plan includes manpower and shift coverage for long snow storms. As well as a communication plan for staff inform them office closures. Please consider organizing personnel to prepare written logs for equipment usage such as snowplows to help identify equipment service needs. (source)


3. Always Clear Ice and Snow First

Always clear ice and snow firstIce melt works best when ice and snow is cleared from all walkways and pathways, before it’s applied to surfaces. Prepare to have personnel clear snow and ice on a regular basis. Consider having personnel clear several times during a long winter storm. Applying ice melt after clearing is more effective.

4. Sprinkle Ice Melt Appropriately
Sprinkle Ice Melt Appropriately
Application of ice melt is extremely important. Clumps or large heaps of ice melt may not be effective. Please distribute ice melt evenly across surfaces to have the best results. Instead of pouring the ice melt in one pile, sprinkle it to cover the entire surface of walkways and pathways. Afterwards remember to store ice melt away from moisture, open air and direct sunlight.

5. Avoid Slippery Floors Indoors

avoid slipper floors indoorsApplying ice melt outdoors is only part of the work! Please remember to prevent slips and falls inside your workplace also. Use the proper floor mats at your entrances to prevent guests leaving ice melt residue on the floor. The mat also helps people dry off their feet before continuing into buildings. Please consider placing yellow caution cones near entrances to remind people floors may be wet and slippery.

Don’t wait too late to prepare for unpredictable winter weather. If you need ice melt, floor mats, caution signs or snow removal equipment we can help. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you, staff and visitors stay safe and avoid injuries. Learn more about Miller’s Green Scapes ice melt here. Discover our facility solutions and services for a healthy office and workplace safety today.

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Do you have more tips to help prevents slips this winter? Please share in the comments below.

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