Custom Office Design for Arent Fox Law Firm

by Miller's Supplies At Work

Miller's Supplies At Work

At Miller’s Office Products, we do not only offer our valued clients the necessary office supplies and furniture they need to operate on a day to day basis, but we also work closely to provide the office space planning and design services they desire.  At Miller’s we understand that customization is key to a productive and dynamic workplace.

That’s why when Arent Fox LLP came to us with a design problem, we came back to them with a beautiful, sleek office solution.  The problem: a 6’ 7” partner, who simply was too tall to fit comfortably with average sized furniture around the office.  The firm desired a high-end, sleek modern look using glass pieces.  The Miller’s team worked to create a trendy yet elegant office space that offered productivity and functionality for the partner.  The new office now features a custom, height-adjustable glass desk that can easily accommodate a person of stature with many other glass pieces and storage units to achieve an office design that not only solves the problem, but improves upon it.

Miller’s Office Products’ design team is happy to work with you to solve all of your space planning conundrums and office design roadblocks.  Our professionals can offer you the look you want for the price you desire.  Get started with Miller’s Office Products on your new office today.

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Miller's Supplies At Work

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