Happy Work, Happy Life

by Miller's Supplies At Work

Whether you work from home or from the office, the only way to maintain productivity as well as happiness outside of your career is to have a happy balance between the two. Stay-at-home spouses often feel unfulfilled or mentally lethargic without a way to feel like they are being productive or creative. Likewise, those who bring their work home with them or on vacation forego the mental and health benefits of taking a break from stress. At Miller’s Supplies at Work, we know that the happier employees are the more productive and creative they become.

This brings about a whole lot of new benefits such as creative problem solving, forward thinking, and greater employee retention. Here are some simple tips to keeping a healthy work/life balance:

Get Your Blood Pumping
We all know there’s benefits to exercise, but a common trap is to sit all day in the office and only to return home to sit in front of the television. Break the habit and get endorphins flowing by going for a walk during your lunch, hitting the gym after work, or any other way you can work in a little cardio into your routine.

Take a Vacation
Studies all over the world and from multiple different institutions all tout the benefits of taking a vacation from your job. This long list includes increased productivity, less mental stress, less risk of heart attack and stroke, stronger workplace morale, and more!

Be a Scheduling Freak
It’s good to be organized, and whether you’re using your Outlook calendar or keeping a to-do list on a notepad, staying structured helps your brain as well as your work. But while never forgetting a meeting is one thing, it’s also important to schedule down time into your calendar. This ensures you’re setting aside time to spend with your family, catching up on a hobby, or simply to smell the flowers.

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