Tips To Spring-Clean Your Breakroom

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What do you think is the germiest place in your office? Most people may think it's the bathroom, but a Kimberly Clark Study: The Healthy Workplace Project, shows the breakroom is the germiest. With spring comes more pollen, that increase allergies and the spread of germs. Companies may have cleaning services visit on a regular basis and others rely on staff to keep spaces tidy. In either case, here are some tips to help spring-clean your breakroom and keep germs at bay.

The study collected 5,000 samples from companies with more than 3,000 workers and tested for Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). This molecule is present in living organisms, such as bacteria, yeast, and mold. ATP found on office surfaces can mean high levels of contamination. Levels of 100 to 300 or more increase the risk of sicknesses transferring. The study found six germ hot spots with levels of 300 or more and breakroom sink faucets were the number one spot. Followed by other breakroom equipment such as the microwave and refrigerators. We hope the tips below help you spring-clean your breakroom and avoid germs.


Empty and Clean the Refrigerator.

empty and clean the refrigerator

A refrigerator should be deep-cleaned at least twice a year. This will help it perform better and last longer. Throw away any expired condiments, food or leftovers. Consider doing this at the end of each week to prevent spoiled smells. When cleaning use non-toxic solutions to wipe down the inside. Use non-scratch scrubbers for the doors and handles to prevent damage. Having a clean, fresh refrigerator can help staff have a great lunch break experience.


Have a Squeaky Clean Microwave.

clean the microwave without scrubbing

It's used on a regular basis so clean the microwave weekly or wipe up spills after each use to prevent any build up. To deep-clean the inside of a microwave without scrubbing use lemons. Remember to clean the outside and handles with a sanitizing product, such as disinfectant wipes.

Keep a Sparkling Coffee Maker.

keep a sparkling coffee maker

Did you know that mold could grow inside of your coffee maker? Yuck! That is why it's important to deep clean your coffee pot. The Huffington Post has step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of any bacteria build up. Prevent germs from accumulating and clean out the coffee pot after each brew. Many people use the coffee maker, so remember to sanitize the buttons or handles also. Make sure your office coffee area or coffee maker sparkles since the majority of your staff use it daily.


Wipe Down the Tables and Chairs.

wipe down the tables and chairs
Consider wiping down all surface areas on a regular basis. This will help prevent sticky spills collecting germs and left over crumbs. When cleaning daily or weekly, choose disinfectant wipes oppose to wash cloths. Items like cloths and sponges can be a prime breeding ground for bacteria.
Clean the Cabinets and Sink.
clean the cabinets drawers and sink
Handles are a high germ-infested area so wipe them down often. Clean and dust the interior and exterior cabinets. Dust can contaminate food, cause eye irritation, coughing and sneezing. Consider using disposable dusters to prevent the reuse of dirty ones. Wipe your sink, the faucet and handles with disinfectant cleaner. As well as consider cleaning out the drain where clogged food can go unnoticed.

It is impossible to avoid germs entirely. But you can decrease the spread of them by cleaning and sanitizing the germiest spot, your breakroom. Keep your breakroom polished after a spring-clean by splitting these tips into daily, weekly or monthly tasks. No matter if a company has a cleaning service or not, keeping a clean breakroom can enhance your staffs’ experience during breaks and lunch.

If spring-cleaning encourages you to start a healthy initiative, Miller’s Healthy Workplace Program can help. Our facilities solutions expert helps educate and engage employees to protect the well-being of your workplace. Discover how we can help you keep a clean, healthy office for spring and throughout the year.


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Do you have any tips on giving the office breakroom a good spring-clean? Please share in the comments below.

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