4 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

by Miller's Supplies At Work

When you walk into work every day, what would you prefer to see— a bunch of sulking faces or a couple of bright smiles and “good mornings”? Learning to lift the spirits of your employees may seem impossible, especially with all of the recent gloomy weather, but by making a few simple changes you can turn those slow days into fun, productive ones. So, what are some easy ways to motivate employees?

  1. FOOD- Food is more than just the key to a man’s heart; it’s the key to any employee’s heart as well. Simply buying a meal for your staff every other week and sharing the meal together as a company, can build stronger relationships with your employees and seriously boost company moral.
  2. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES- Making sure your staff not only has freedom, but adequate sleep time is essential. By giving your employees the opportunity to fit their required hours into their own schedule will leave you with well-rested, happy employees. And having well-rested, happy employees means more productivity for you.
  3. COMFORT- Making sure your employees are happy means making sure they are comfortable. Simply buying them a new, more comfortable chair can motivate an employee more than money can. Studies show that almost 70% of employees would rather be cared for and appreciated for their work rather than paid more. Our Virginia office supply company offers a variety of ergonomic chairs for you to purchase your employees and show you care about their comfort.
  4. ENGAGING THEM- Giving your employees enough attention is crucial to keeping them motivated. Letting them know you care by taking interest in them outside of work can increase their productivity tenfold. Planning a few company outings and parties will give them something to look forward to and bond with you over. Even organizing a company softball team or sports outing can make a huge difference in their productivity.

Overall, making sure your employees get the appropriate attention is the best way to motivate them. Showing your staff you care about them, will lead them to show you how much they care about you and your company as well. Our office supply company in Virginia can provide you with the products you need to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work, motivating them to keep that hard work going.

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