Making Any Space Functional: Our George Mason University Remodel

by Miller's Supplies At Work

Office remodeling is not always a fun, easy task – especially not when you are downsizing. George Mason University recently came to Miller’s Office Products with a challenge. The problem: fit the furniture and people of four different spaces into one space. The solution: a combination of unique furniture choices that allow everyone to work peacefully in the same space.

The design team at Miller’s Office Products quickly got to work on creating an inspired space that brings together the furniture from all four spaces and the people from all four spaces at a low cost to the university. Through clever furniture placement and the addition of mobile tables, the design team was able to create a space that accommodates everyone’s needs.

Our office supply company saw a need for ingenuity and worked with both old and new to quickly solve the space issues at the university. From office products to design work, our professionals came together to create a location that provides people with the space, privacy and functionality they needed without compromising the ability of the staff to do their analytical work.

Are you in need of design work or office supplies? Look to Miller’s Office Products for your next remodel!

Topics: Office Space Planning, Office Furniture Services

Miller's Supplies At Work

Written by Miller's Supplies At Work

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