Meeting Seating 101: Why Where You Sit Makes a Difference

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On average, there are 11 million meetings per day in the U.S. Meetings are for planning, decision-making, collaboration and more. The first decision made when you walk into a meeting room is where to sit. It may be a decision that you make too quickly. According to Psychology Today where you sit can help or hurt your chance of success in the meeting. Here are a few tips to help you decide where to sit at your next meeting.
The Power Seats
The Power Seats Meeting Seating 101
This position portrays to others that you are in a position of authority and control. The highest level executive or department manager will sit in the power seat. According to Psychology Today when a person sits in a power seat it sends a message to others that you are the leader and in control. A power seat can be found at either end of rectangular or oval conference tables. Or created at round or square tables by pushing the seat slightly back away from the table.
Power seats meeting seating
 The Influencer Seats
 The Influencer Seats
Seats on either side of the power seat at the end of the table are perceived as influencer seats. In medieval times, the King’s right hand was normally seated on their right. Research shows more deals are made when one sit’s to the left of a potential client. If you think about the last wedding you attended the couple may have sat at a head table. On both sides of the bride and groom their closest friends and family join them. Selecting an influencer seat at your next meeting, if it’s available, may help you lead the team to success. An influencer seat is near the ends of rectangular conference tables with at least one end chair.
 Influencer seats
The Collaborative Seats
The Influencer Seats
These seats represent you are at the meeting to collaborate, hear ideas and work together. Research exploring the impact of seating on group performance dynamics revealed those in a middle seat gave themselves fair share of credit for a project. This is likely because they may value others contributions and ideas. According to Psychology Today if you are in a middle seat the message sent is; you are part of the team and approachable. Additionally, meetings at a circle table helps achieve openness and collaboration. Collaborative seats are on the long sides of rectangular conference room tables.
Collaborative seats
Where you sit is just as important as what you sit on. An important component of successful meetings is comfortable chairs. Meetings are routine and comfort in conference room chairs may help your team focus on decision-making. Conference rooms and meeting areas may be used by many teams. So consider taking a moment to adjust chairs and ensure comfort. Learn more about our SitOnIt Seating conference room chair, the Prava Midback, and it's adjustments that provide premium comfort.
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Where do you sit in meetings and will it change? Please share in the comments below.

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