Save Your Neck and Back with a New Office Chair

by Miller's Supplies At Work

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Is sitting at a desk for eight hours a day destroying your posture? Do you constantly feeling spine and neck pain throughout the course of your day? Chances are you need new office furniture. Think about it: you spend one-third of your day sitting in your office chair, so you might as well make that time as comfortable as possible. One of the best ways to ensure maximum comfort is with an ergonomic chair.

By adding adjustable elements to a chair like lumbar support, seat glide and arm height, ergonomic chairs give your body the support it needs for those long work days. Sitting on a non-adjustable straight wooden chair is not ideal as it will not conform to your spine’s curve or adjust to your height requirements. You want a chair that fits you like a memory foam mattress while being firm enough to offer support.

After a few weeks in your new ergonomic chair, you’ll begin to notice a remarkable difference. Not only will you reduce your neck and back pain, your blood flow will increase, leading to higher levels of productivity and less fatigue. Your body will no longer feel strained or tense, allowing you to stay at your desk longer and knock out work faster.

At Miller’s Supplies at Work, we carry a variety of ergonomic chairs from leading brands. From HON to SitOnIt, we have the best office furniture to make sure you’re comfortable while at work. Feel free to give us a call to learn more or simply stop by one of our local shops.

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