The 5 Best Ways to Boost Creativity at the Office

by Miller's Supplies At Work

Do you ever feel as if the long work day is draining your energy and creativity before it’s even halfway through? You’re not alone! Employees are expected to accomplish more every year, and the constant pressure to increase productivity can kill creativity in even the most artistic of us. It doesn’t help that many offices have few open spaces or glimpses of nature to break up the monotony. At Miller’s Office Products, we know how a little color and a break in routine can promote the creativity your business needs. Here are some of the most helpful tips we’ve found:

  • Don’t be afraid of change.

Try to picture working in the same exact space for weeks…months…years. Simply moving your desks and furniture to a different spot periodically or swapping out the items you keep at your cubicle can stimulate new ideas.

  • Encourage occasional breaks.

Some employees find it hard to concentrate for hours on end. Short breaks and walks can reduce stress and encourage a new mindset.

  • Go green!

Keeping a plant at your desk or taking a walk to get some sunshine are healthy ways to break the monotony of a standard work day.

  • Encourage communication between departments.

Intra-office communication can improve morale and cultivate a team environment. Plus, if someone has a brilliant idea that could benefit the entire company, he or she will be more willing to share.

  • Don’t force it!

Creativity can’t be forced – it has to come naturally. Keeping a pen and paper or your tablet around for when those unexpected ideas hit during a busy workday wouldn’t hurt, though.


Our office supply company offers a wide variety of furniture, accessories, and services that make your office a more fun and creative environment. Miller’s premium office products can boost your business in creative ways!

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