Washing Hands Saves Lives

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Did you know that it’s a proven fact that washing hands saves lives? That’s why the Centers for Disease Control calls handwashing a “do-it-yourself vaccine.” It’s that important in keeping you, your family and even your co-workers healthy.

During National Handwashing Awareness Week, December 1 – 7, we’re sharing some simple tips and answering some of the most common questions about when and how to properly wash your hands.

Wash Away Germs in 5 Easy Steps

The World Health Organization (WHO) developed a 5-step method for handwashing for healthcare workers to avoid spreading germs to others and getting sick yourself. And it’s easy enough for anyone to use at home or at the office:

  • Wet your hands with clean water and apply soap.
  • Lather the soap by rubbing your hands together, making sure to lather the backs of your hands, between your fingers and under your fingernails.
  • Scrub your hands and arms up to the elbows.
  • Rinse your hands to wash away soap and germs.
  • Dry your hands and arms with paper towels or a blow dryer, if possible.

When Should You Wash Your Hands?

You probably learned as a child to wash your hands before eating and after using the bathroom. But those are not the only times a good handwashing is necessary to maintain good hygiene. When else should you wash your hands?

  • Before, during and after making any kind of food
  • Before or after caring for someone who is sick
  • Before and after treating a cut or wound
  • After changing diapers or cleaning up a child or another adult who has used the bathroom
  • After blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing
  • After touching an animal, animal food or animal waste
  • After touching garbage

If you’re not sure if you should wash your hands, you probably should to be safe!

Everything You Need to Know About Handwashing from the CDC in 2 Minutes




Source: CDC https://youtu.be/i14_MwmdV6g


Remember to Keep Calm and Wash Your HandsScreen Shot 2019-12-01 at 6.59.32 PM

Sometimes everyone needs a gentle reminder. Print out this friendly poster (8.5” x 11”) from the Centers for Disease Control and place near every sink in your office's breakroom, kitchen and bathrooms.



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