5 Steps to Set Yourself Up to Receive Gifts and Rebates

by Miller's Supplies At Work

Why do we love coupons and question rebates?  According to research, in 2016, 38 percent of people actively look for coupons while people submit thousands of complaints concerning rebates. On average over $500 million in rebates go unclaimed over a year according to Consumer Affairs. To ease the hassle and streamline the process, here are a few tips on how to ensure you get rebates and gifts easier than you thought it could be.


  • Read the fine print. There are always terms and conditions that share the details to receiving the rebate. The terms may include a minimum or maximum quantity, specific item numbers to use, a time period to receive the gift or rebate and more.

  • Stay in the know. Check out rebates, special offers and gifts on a regular basis. Manufacturers will provide monthly and/or quarterly promotions for a variety of items. It may match items you already order on a regular basis. By staying aware of what gifts and or rebates are available, you won’t miss out. You can even easily browse by brands to see what you can receive. 
  • Save your receipts or invoices. Keep your records organized, whether you use a digital document system or a paper filing system. Having your invoices as a proof of purchase for items you recently ordered will help you complete a rebate form easily. If you order online from Miller’s Supplies at Work you can check this off the list because your invoices are saved in our online ordering platform. 
  • Set a calendar reminder. Since you’re on-the-go, give yourself a notification that pops up on your calendar on a recurring basis. Remind yourself to set aside 15 to 20 minutes to check your invoices to see if an order qualifies for available rebates. Also, know when to expect a gift or rebate check; it could take up to eight weeks to receive a return.

  • Understand the gift, offer or rebate. A variety of offers are released on a normal basis that may pique your interest. Here are just a few examples of what you may see.
  1.  Spend $100 to get a cash card of $25
  2. Purchase $50 of this item type and receive a $10 gift card
  3. Buy $100 of this item to get a special gift
  4. If you buy an item during this time we will donate to a cause

 View Gift Card Opportunities Here

Stay one step ahead with these tips and you’ll easily set yourself up to receive gifts and rebates. You may be able to receive a gift on a previous order or your next purchase from Miller’s Supplies at Work. 

Please see a few current offers below from items you may already purchase:


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