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Janitorial Supplies

Janitor Supplies

Keep your office and workplace looking neat and tidy with cleaning supplies from Miller's Supplies at Work. Whether your current needs consist of cleaning and sanitation supplies or safety and security supplies, Miller's Supplies at Work offers more than 5,800 janitorial and cleaning supplies. Our janitorial supplies equip your staff with the tools necessary to clean, maintain and fix your workspace on a daily basis. At Miller's Supplies at Work, some of the janitorial products we offer include:

  • Facility supplies
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Restroom supplies
  • Towel & Tissue products
  • Paper products
  • Gloves
  • Can Liners
  • Trash Bags
  • Chemicals
  • Green cleaning supplies
  • Sustainable cleaning supplies
  • Waste receptacles
  • Refuse containers
  • Facility maintenance
  • Safety supplies
  • Safety products

Rubbermaid 3,000 Item Catalog of Janitorial and Maintenance Products. View Catalog

Partnering with the world's most recognized cleaning association, ISSA, Miller's Supplies at Work offers high quality products for keeping your workspace clean and free of germs!  The research team at ISSA found in their monitoring that the percentage of office surfaces tested were found to have high levels of contamination (an ATP count of 300 or higher), includes:

  • 75% of break room sink faucet handles
  • 48% of microwave door handles
  • 26% of refrigerator door handles
  • 23% of water fountain buttons
  • 21% of vending machine buttons

Still not convinced you need high-quality cleaning products? In addition, half of all computer mice and desk phones tested were found to have ATP levels of between 100 and 300, which is a high level of contamination.  These are items you use EVERYDAY!

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Garbage Items

For those who are looking for eco-friendly maintenance solutions for the breakroom, as well as for the janitorial closet, request our Greener Solutions for Your Business catalog. We want you to be able to clean and fix the equipment in your workplace quickly and efficiently, which is why most of the supplies are available for next-day delivery. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about our specialized product offerings and what they do.

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