It's Easy Being Green 

Being green doesn’t have to cost your facility more. With over 1200 environmentally-friendly facility products from Miller’s, it’s simple to create a more environmentally friendly workplace without breaking budgets. Our product alternatives, selected by our green solutions experts, include:

  • Non-toxic cleaning substitutes
  • Cleaning products from renewable, plant-based resources
  • Compostable trash liners
  • 100% recycled paper towel and bath tissue

Our green products are Ecologo, FSC and EPA Consumer Procurement Guideline Program certified to ensure every choice is environmentally and socially beneficial to your organization. Best of all, our online catalog has a pre-sorted section to make selecting ecofriendly products a cinch.  

We’re trained to help you find new ways to reduce costs and optimize efficiency while operating a sustainable workplace. To begin your ordering process, contact us today.