Stay Productive, Organized & In Control

Reduce office supply reordering time by up to 60 percent with JumpTech, a cloud-based supply chain management company. Make your ordering management system efficient and quick with a handheld barcode scanner. Gone are the days of spending hours writing complex product numbers down and then ordering these office supplies over the phone. Instead, your office manager will spend 5-10 minutes each week on office supply orders with this electronic inventory ordering system.


Virtually eliminate ordering errors with this wireless handheld barcode scanner. This cloud-based supply chain management system allows you to scan a barcode in a catalog, on your shelving unit or on the package of your last product. After using the barcode scanner to scan the labels for the items you need to reorder, plug the scanner into a PC and you will be automatically launched into your online shopping cart. Here, you can review your order, make edits and click the buy button to complete your order.


Cut down on your order time today with this wireless handheld barcode scanner. This streamlined ordering management system will free up the office manager's time, so that they can put more effort into overseeing their office duties and tasks. Your JumpTech package includes the following items:

  • Complete Custom Catalog
  • Shelf Labels
  • Product Labels
  • Handheld Barcode Scanner
  • Software
  • Updates


For more information regarding this cloud-based inventory ordering system, give Miller's Supplies at Work a call today. We would be happy to explain in detail how the JumpTech wireless handheld barcode scanner has changed the way offices across America reorder office supplies.