Craft Your Ideal Space

Make every centimeter count: Miller’s Supplies at Work handles space planning for workspaces and environments of every size to make sure your office or workplace is properly outfitted. Our designers oversee:

  • Reconfiguration
  • Interior Design
  • Project Management
  • Supervision of Professional Furniture Installers
  • CAD Software Space Plans

Miller’s Supplies at Work has professional designers that create space plans or CAD diagrams to detail the layout of the furniture. Our design team also helps you with the dimensions and layout of your furniture through space planning concepts.

We offer a wide assortment of space planning services included on this page and beyond:

Interior Design Space Planning

Our interior design and space planning services make every workspace productive and functional at your given price point. Miller’s Supplies at Work helps you:

  • Develop space programs and occupancy schedules.
  • Develop design intent drawings.
  • Create diagrams to incorporate adjacency requirements.
  • Develop furniture, fixtures and equipment reuse plans.
  • Prepare space utilization studies.

Office Space Planning

Our office space planning services help you make the most of your office space. The professional designers at Miller's can assist you with which furniture should be used in what spaces, as well as how to maximize your area with compact furniture and smart storage solutions.

We customize and plan:

  • Reception Areas
  • Work Floors
  • Training Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Breakrooms and more

Green Space Planning Services

Want to receive credits for LEED Certification? While Miller’s Supplies at Work cannot guarantee you credits, we can help get you there via suggestions made during a green space planning appointment. These green suggestions can help you reduce overhead costs, such as electricity bills and your environmental footprint. We can also help you choose office furniture made from recycled products in factories that focus on sustainability.

Commercial Space Planning Services

Our team of design professionals know how to utilize your commercial space for a higher return on investment and use CAD diagrams to determine how many people can fit in your space. We will space plan alongside your architect, construction manager and internal project manager. Plus, we keep in contact with contractors and vendors to make sure that your new office space, commercial office furniture choice, space plan and relocation is a success

Procurement Services

Our teams will gladly prepare, request and review all vendor bid packages. From there, we offer furniture, fixtures and equipment vendor solutions. We’ll facilitate leasing arrangements and prepare budget requirements for design, acquisition, delivery, and installation.

Installation / Relocation Services

Miller’s Supplies at Work will manage all aspects of installation and relocation process. We will also coordinate all your vendors, including relocation specialists and moving companies, cable and electrical companies, furniture and installation teams.

Project Management Services

Our project management services will take into consideration your project scope, budget, schedule and implementation strategy. We manage project work and lead the project management team, facilitating and administering project related meetings. Best of all, we’ll report project progress and status information in real-time.

To get started with furniture services, call or click to reach us today.