Safety Matters

Accidents and mishaps can happen. Be ready with safety cones, goggles, signs, first aid kits, light medical and defibrillator solutions to make sure staff injuries can be both prevented and treated.

Keep workplaces and employees safe from medical harm with:

  • Medical gloves and bandages
  • Antibacterial disinfectants
  • Warning signs and cones

Be ready to treat them with:

  • First aid kits
  • Zoll AED Plus automatic defibrillators
  • Gauzes and tapes

You can order what you need and get it the next day in one order, one delivery and one invoice. This helps cut overspending and reduces your soft costs. Get tips from our trained account specialists and order for the medical cabinet and supply closet all in one sweep. To cut headaches and costs, view the online catalog today.