COVID Workplace Safety: 5 Strategies for Indoor Spaces

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It’s been over a year since the first case of COVID-19 was documented in the United States and a global pandemic was declared. In that time, we’ve learned a great deal about how COVID spreads within the community, at home, at school, and in the workplace.


The EPA strongly recommends that the following five (5) measures be taken together as part of an integrated strategy to prevent the indoor spread of COVID-19 and other viruses:


  1. Increased ventilation with outdoor air and air filtration
  2. Social distancing
  3. Wearing cloth face coverings or masks
  4. Surface cleaning and disinfection
  5. Handwashing

Indoor Air Filtration

Indoor Air Filtration PPE


When indoors, ventilation mitigation strategies will help offset the absence of natural wind. The lower the concentration of viral particles, the less likely those particles will be inhaled. Combine air filtration with increased ventilation in shared common spaces like conference rooms, lobbies, and restrooms to even better reduce the spread and exposure to the COVID virus.


Miller’s carries the complete line of AeraMax Professional air purifiers, which remove up to 99.9% of germs, viruses, and allergens from enclosed environments. AeraMax Pro can be used in shared common spaces of all sizes.


Contact the Miller’s team to discuss your air purification needs. We can help you select and install the right AeraMax Pro product for your space.


Social Distancing

MIller's applies COVID floor signs


Modify seating, furniture, and workstations to maintain proper social distancing. Where social distancing is not an option, install Plexiglas shields or other physical barriers.


In communal seating areas, arrange the seats by turning, spacing, or removing chairs to maintain social distancing.


Utilize signage, tape, and decals to show people where to stand when physical barriers are not possible. Post signs in parking areas, at entrances, and throughout common spaces to provide guidance to employees and visitors about building policies for social distancing, mask wearing, and hand hygiene.


Miller’s has all the resources you need to reconfigure your space for distancing.


Face Coverings & Masks

Millers Teen students in masks


The CDC makes it clear: a mask is not a substitute for social distancing. Masks should be worn in addition to staying at least 6 feet apart, especially when indoors with people who don’t live in your household.


Masks should completely cover the nose and mouth and fit snugly around the nose and chin, as well as sit against the sides of the face without gaps.


Miller’s can help procure hard-to-find PPE, including KN95 masks, disposable masks, cloth masks, and disposable nitrile gloves. Contact us at (800) 451-3370.


Surface Cleaning & Disinfecting

Millers desk sanitation


Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces at least daily. First, clean surfaces using soap and water, then use disinfectant. Cleaning with soap and water reduces germs, dirt, and impuritiesDisinfecting kills any remaining germs, which further reduces the risk of spreading infection.

Surfaces and objects in public places such as counter tops, pens, keypads, and vending machines should be cleaned and disinfected before each use or as often as possible.

Miller’s has disinfecting wipes (in individual- and industrial-sized containers), as well as cordless hand-held and backpack sprayers to make cleaning and disinfecting more efficient for your sanitation teams.



Millers hand sanitizer station


We know how important it is to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But in situations where that's not possible, the CDC recommends using hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol—especially after touching or removing your mask.


Miller’s offers touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers (stand or wall-mounted) that make it easy to create hand sanitization stations throughout your facility.  


When you’re ready to get started with reopening your school or office, Miller’s can help. Check out our Reopening the Workplace Resource Center or contact us at (800) 451-3370.





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