How the right coffee cup can help your sustainability efforts

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Wow! The world consumes over 2.25 billion cups of coffee a year. With that amount of anything one small change can make a difference. Having a recyclable coffee cup could make a strong impact on your office sustainability efforts. By selecting environmentally friendly coffee cups you encourage staff to think about sustainability. Implementing sustainability efforts by using biodegradable or compostable products in your breakroom may be an option. First, what are compostable products?

Compostable products are made from materials such as corn, soybean, bamboo, sugarcane and grass. If you use compostable items in your office breakroom you are making a difference. Secondly, what are biodegradable products? They are produced with natural items and when disposed into the right environment breakdown safely. Compostable or biodegradable items like coffee cups, eating utensils, napkins, paper towels and more return to the earth safely. One small change in the items your office uses on a daily basis can help your office make a positive impact on our environment.

Here are three ways coffee practices at your office can help you be more sustainable:

Coffee filters are compostable

 used coffee filter.jpg

Did you know coffee filters are compostable? Along with the coffee grounds inside of them. If you have a coffee machine that uses filters, instead of tossing the used coffee filter, compost it. It has nitrogen which provides bacteria to help a compost system work.

Use Compostable coffee cups 


Whether your coffee cup is biodegradable or not, it won’t change great tasting coffee. Let coffee energize your team and add an extra benefit by using cups to help your office be sustainable.

Remove coffee grounds from k-cups to recycle

coffee grounds from k-cups

Instead of tossing the k-cup immediately take a moment to break the k-cup down properly. There are three easy steps to prepare the k-cup and it won’t break your time clock.

  • Peel the foil lid off and dispose of it
  • Compost the remaining pods content
  • Recycle the empty cup

Or learn more about Keurig's Grounds to Grow on program that collects k-cups from workplaces and recycles them. 

Adults consume on average three cups of coffee a day. Normally before breakfast and between meals. Since it is a good chance coffee is consumed during work hours, you can selectively use the right cups at your office to practice sustainability. 

If you’d like to improve your sustainability efforts or coffee selection in your office we can help you make a difference. Our facility solutions expert is available to assist with starting a green initiative at your workplace.


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