How to Engage Your Team For National Safety Month

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Celebrate National Safety Month this June in various ways. The National Safety Council encourages ways to prevent injuries on the job, at home or on the road. Get involved and share ways your team can practice preparedness, wellness, as well as prevent falls and injuries. Here are a few tips to help promote safety awareness month ideas for an office.

Establish Emergency Procedures

Establish Emergency Procedures. Safety awareness month ideas for an office.

One of the best ways to prepare for any emergency is to create a list of step-by-step procedures. This will help your team respond properly to an emergency or natural disaster. These steps should be well envisioned and include destinations for backup locations. Natural disasters can cause millions of dollars in damage. However, damage can reduce when a team recognizes how to respond. One of the most important tips to remember is for people to remain calm. June is an appropriate time to practice procedures such as a fire drill as a refresher.


Have a Lunch and Learn

Have a Safety Lunch and Learn. Safety Awareness Month Ideas for an Office.

Getting your team together for a luncheon can be a rewarding safety awareness month idea for an office. Luncheons create a team atmosphere, whether it's at the workplace or at a restaurant nearby. It is a way to distribute a one-sheet list of safety tips that will help prevent work injuries or illnesses. Consider holding a few activities or contests to display the teams’ awareness of safety. Share with your team the importance of safety practices because it can save lives. According to OSHA, over time workplace deaths have declined. There were 38 worker deaths per day in the U.S. in 1970, but down to 14 a day in 2016. Use the time to explain that safety awareness must be a top priority among all employees to create the safest working conditions.


Create Safety Awareness Contests

Create Safety Awareness Contests

Trivia contests can help educate and remind people about useful information. Research information about safety facts and create a list of trivia questions. Distribute the questions in an internal newsletter and award prizes to winners. Use a list of the ten most violated safety standards by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to help inspire questions. Or creatively evaluate your workplace to encourage appropriate questions for your team.


Conduct a Safety Training Class

Conduct a Safety Training Class. Safety Month Awareness Ideas for an Office

A survey by the American Heart Association found 50 percent of staff were not trained in first aid. A safety training class or webinar can put your team on the same page. Learning about safety should be a top priority at the workplace to reduce liabilities and promote a safer atmosphere. If your business uses machinery, a safety class is a good way to remind people to protect their eyes, ears and hands. Prevent accidents by encouraging workers to wear safety gear more often.


Distribute Safety Awareness Materials

Distribute Safety Awareness Materials. Safety Awareness Month Ideas for an Office.

Remind your team that most accidents that occur on the job can be prevented. Compile data on worker injuries and preventative practices to place in a common place like the break room. Many people may not know that over 5,000 workers died on the job in 2016, according to the U.S Department of Labor Statistics. Include safety tips or a guide to prevent injuries. Additional resources are available from the National Safety Council.

In honor of National Safety month, consider checking your safety supplies and first aid kits or cabinets. Replace any missing items such as medicines, bandages, band-aids, cold packs, respirators and more. If there is an emergency, plan and be prepared.


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Do you have any tips to engage staff during national safety month? Please share in the comments below.

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