How to Overcome Common Challenges of Office Supplies Rebates

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Are you missing out on office supplies rebates? Several office supplies manufacturers are currently offering Target, Macy’s, Panera Bread, Visa gift card rebates and more with qualifying purchases. Orders you are currently placing may have a rebate offer you didn’t know you could claim. While investing time, organizing and interpreting rebate offers can be a challenge there are easy methods to overcome them. Here are a few tips to overcome challenges and receive the office supplies rebates you deserve.

1. Tick-tock! It’s a Time Investment

office supplies rebates

Tracking orders can be time consuming. If you don’t have an invoice system that easily organizes orders it can be difficult. A little organization goes along way because it helps you provide proof of purchase for qualifying items. Whether you have a digital document system or a paper filing system, take the time to stay organized so you do not miss offers that can benefit your office. If you order online from Miller’s Supplies at Work you can check this off the list because your purchase history and invoices are saved in your personal account.


2) Don’t Miss the Deadlines

Office supplies rebates

Deadlines for rebate offers can vary. Some come up quickly and expire in less than 90 days. Or they can last a longer period such as for an entire year.  Some offers have two deadlines one that determines when select items are purchased. As well as a second deadline to ensure the rebate is submitted for redemption. If it’s a mail in form it may have a post-marked deadline date. Consider creating a rebate calendar in a spreadsheet with approaching deadlines. Since you’re juggling other responsibilities, set a calendar reminder for a notification pop up on a frequent basis to remind you about deadlines.


3) Interpret Terms and Conditions

Office supplies rebates

Some rebates terms and conditions may be difficult to understand. Be sure to read the fine print and double check the qualifying items list. Some require you to track the invoice, packing slip and more in order to submit for the rebate.  Additionally, since a variety of offers are released on a normal basis any of them may pique your interest. However, it’s good to have a clear understanding before purchasing the qualifying items so you know what to expect. Don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer to inquire about any terms and conditions.


4) Win The Waiting Game

Office Supplies Rebates

Processing a rebate can take a long time. It could take up to eight weeks to process a rebate after you submit it. Consider setting a calendar reminder for when you should expect the rebate. Most importantly don’t forget to follow up with the manufacturer if you submitted a rebate and it does not arrive in a reasonable time.  Following these few steps will help you win the waiting game over and over again.


Don’t forget to check orders you currently place to see if any items qualify for a rebate. View our rebates and special offers page for gift card rebates offered today. Here are a few currently available:

View All Gift Cards and Rebates

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