Miller’s Designs Adler Center for Caring

by Miller's Supplies At Work

As one of our many services we offer at Miller’s Office Products, our professionals perform commercial space planning.  For the last 10 years, Terry Madan has been our interior designer taking on a variety of projects, including the most recent design of the Adler Center for Caring.

The Adler Center for Caring was built to be a warm and welcoming space for patients and families for end of life care.  Terry took on the task of creating an environment that was comfortable for families while still maintaining an appropriate healthcare setting.

The design took on a palate that could best be described as The Seasons of Life. Appropriately and comfortably themed for all, some areas evoked memories and visions of fall through rust oranges and brown while other areas took on a summer feeling through bright yellows.  In addition to formal healthcare settings, Terry was also tasked with designing waiting areas similar to home living areas.  These included play areas for children, living rooms for heartfelt family moments and dining areas designed to make families feel more at home.

Throughout the facility Terry’s design was laid out to make families feel as comfortable and help maintain as normal a lifestyle as possible.

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