4 Tips for a Better Morning Routine

by Miller's Supplies At Work

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Beeeep…Buzzzz! It’s time to rise and shine! Many people wake up at 6:30 am or earlier and commute via car, train or bus. However, some people are not always bright-eyed and attentive in the morning. Here are a few practical tips to help keep your mornings upbeat and your days productive.

1. OK… But First Coffee

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While you are drinking your favorite cup of coffee simply, clear your thoughts and relax. Enjoy drinking your coffee, latte, cappuccino, Nespresso or cold brew and start your day with a clear mind. Statistics reveal that the typical worker has about 4 cups of coffee or tea a day. Drinking caffeine can help you improve productivity and focus. Don’t drink coffee? Try a variety of caffeinated teas.


2.  Schedule Tougher Tasks Later

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It takes some time to get in to the swing of things for some in the mornings, so scheduling tougher tasks later may be best. According to Forbes, a leadership consultant recommends to do the “auto-pilot” tasks first.  A mundane task such as expense reports, answering some emails or organizing files takes less brain power. Presentations and meetings could be better in the afternoon when everyone is bright eyed and attentive.


3. Get More Vitamin D

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Throughout the day expose yourself to natural light and get a significant amount of Vitamin D on a regular basis. Not a sunny day? Oatmeal is a quick breakfast that has a variety of vitamins and nutrients. If you're wondering how to snack healthy at work, explore more healthy snack options to keep in your office here.


4. Write a To-Do List


Creating a to-do list of detailed and descriptive tasks that you need to accomplish can help declutter your mind. Consider using a planner to rank or prioritize your tasks for the day or week. Many planners have a quick notes column that gives you space to write your daily plan. After accomplishing a task make sure to enjoy the moment crossing it off your list, even if it is a smaller task.

Your morning routine is important. Start with a great selection of coffee and a user friendly coffee machineIf you’re not serving coffee in your office or you’d like to improve your coffee selection we can help!

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